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SwissCarSales.com offers you a new and innovative way of buying your next new pre-owned car or truck in Switzerland at lower prices. Swiss pre owned cars are the best in the world. All cars get inspected by the state department of transportation, have genuine mileage and service records. Our Swiss dealer network of authorized dealerships offers our customers low prices on the world's greatest and best quality cars and trucks.

We can arrange all makes and models of pre-owned automobiles, family sedan cars, sport cars, SUVs, 4x4s, minivans, limousines, trucks, heavy duty construction and earth moving equipment like: dump trucks, tractor trucks, cargo trucks, light duty trucks, concrete mixer trucks, oil tank trucks, etc..

SwissCarSales.com has trained professional consultants who are here to answer all of your questions and provide technical assistance on importing your new used car or truck. At SwissCarSales.com, we inspect all vehicles very carefully and provide all of the necessary documents.

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Phone: +41 76 401 31 21 (Switzerland)

Phone: +66 800 990 300 (Thailand)

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